Author: Kevin Murray

I’ve got a pagan friend. Or he might introduce himself as a heathen. He, himself, uses both terms - pagan and heathen - interchangeably. And while a serious pagan or a serious heathen might say their beliefs are grounded in pre-Christian traditions of different origins, my friend uses the terms colloquially to say he doesn’t subscribe to anything Christian. This friend of mine was raised as a Christian. His father was even a minister for a while. So his parents

“The sons of this age are more shrewd in relation to their own kind than the sons of light.” When our son was young, he was generally a “good kid” but, every now and then, he would do or say something that needed some “corrective action.” On a few of those occasions, when my wife and I were alone, we would commend his “cleverness” even though we properly punished him for his misguided actions. Initially, this week’s Gospel appears to portray a

Hey Y’all, We’ve had a few little building issues come up in the last few weeks. Like in the Church, the audio/visual sound system design folks have had to rethink some of their original plans once we dusted off and showed them the original building plans. The building plans we’ve got are old-fashioned blue prints. The designers didn’t expect to find some beams, pipes, and ducts in the soffits where the original plans indicated so they have had to go back

Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. This weekend we celebrate Labor Day. Early leaders of the labor movement established the holiday in the late 19th century as a day celebrating the commitment and effort of workers and giving them a day of rest. On June 28, 1894, President Grover Cleveland signed a law establishing the federal holiday of Labor Day on the first Monday in September. Informally, Labor Day also marks

Hey y’all, Just a quick little word this week. I wanted to use this bulletin space this week to introduce a couple new folks to the parish. They’re both joining the parish/school staff, helping lead in faith formation, sacraments, and family ministry. So read below these little introductions to our sisters, Denise and Rhea. And then, go and meet them when you have a chance. They’re coming to Mass. They’re working in the school and the parish office. And they’re around

What will happen to us when we die?” In today’s world, the question leads to much debate. For those without faith, this life is all there is. For them, death is the end. However, for those of us who believe in Jesus Christ, death is actually the beginning rather than the end. Either way, both believers and non-believers should agree that there is no way for us to scientifically know or to prove what will happen when we die. When

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