Becoming Catholic


If you’d like to chat about growing in faith as a Catholic Christian, feel free to contact any of the priests. We’ll be happy to have a conversation without any judgement or condemnation. The priests all know that each person is unique and their convictions of faith are unique. The priests also know that any conversation about faith is grounded in relationship.

Becoming a Catholic is also a learning process with some kind of conversion as a goal. Some folks will study and realize this isn’t for them. Some folks will begin and take their time in seeking and growing. Some folks will take to Catholic stuff quickly and will quickly desire a sacramental life. It’s all cool.

There is a course of study and rituals that lead to a fully practicing life lived in the Church. The “Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults” or “RCIA” is the course. It is guided by the liturgical year of the Church and is marked by prayer, liturgical celebrations, and blessings. It is the normative way of learning about the teachings and practices of the Roman Catholic Church.

Saints Simon & Jude have an on-going course which anyone can jump into at any time. The learning is structured in such a way that all are welcome to join on in.

So please feel free to contact Fr. Reynold, Fr. Mike by email at or phone at (714) 962-3333.

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