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Many of us want to be rich and famous. Why is this? There is something very deep in our human nature that strives for winning, succeeding and conquering. We want to be first, and to be the best. We want all this because the world tells us that greatness is measured by how many people serve us and how many people we control. Christ teaches us a different measure and criterion when he says, “If anyone wishes to be first,

My father was a New York City Firefighter for 33 years. He loved being a fireman, but he also understood that each time he arrived at the firehouse for a tour of duty he might not come home. Fortunately, he was never seriously injured and he always came home. Other firemen were not so blessed. My brother was a New York City Police Officer for more than 20 years. Again, all who serve as police officers recognize that they may

Blessings and peace to you. I hope you have been able to have some wonderful summer time with family and friends. As I read the Gospel passage for this Sunday, especially where Jesus said: “Hear me, all of you, and understand. Nothing that enters one from outside can defile that person; but the things that come out from within are what defile” Mark 7: 14-15. It reminds me of a Zen story that I heard when I was a child. A senior monk

All words are said, and should be understood, in context. The same words may have very different meanings depending on whether they are said in anger or in jest. Similarly, the reactions to those words might vary from outrage or insult to a hearty laugh. The point is that, without context, it is often impossible to truly understand why specific words are being communicated. Context can be determined by the tone of the speaker, her demeanor, the circumstances of a

Today’s great Feast, the Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, has two sets of Scripture readings. The first set is to be used on Saturday evening - that is the Vigil of the Feast. The second set of Scripture readings is intended to be read and heard on the day of the Feast, August 15. To make room for the lovely Vigil readings, I’m giving up this space that is sometimes filled with my little musings. I think

One of the most important aspects of life is the food we eat. I can only imagine some of the different types of food many of you might be having today. Personally, I love fast food. In fact, In-N-Out is my favorite restaurant. Usually, when I go there I order a double-double meat sandwich, a big order of French fries, and a large milkshake. It tastes so good! I know that it is not the healthiest thing that I could

In this week’s gospel, we hear the well-known miracle story of Jesus multiplying five simple loaves, two fish, and feeding a massive crowd of 5,000. On the surface, this story celebrates the grace and power that God bestows on the generosity of our gifts, skills, and abilities when utilized to improve the human experience of those around us. But on a deeper level, it challenges us to face the uncomfortable, chaotic, and intimidating moments of life, and offer what we

Have you ever questioned whether God loves and cares for you? Have you wondered whether it is really true that God is concerned with every detail of your life? When trials mount, and discouragement hits, and a full schedule overwhelms, it can be hard to believe in God’s faithfulness. Whenever you don’t feel loved or cared for it can be hard to believe in the unwearied love of God. Every time we feel unrested, abandoned, lonely, rejected or ungrateful, it

I want to introduce a young lady to you all. I’d ask you to read a bit of her autobiography. She’s stepping out in faith to do something that will bless the world. So keep on reading… “Hi! My name is Emily Ambrosio. Fr. Reynold allowed me to tell you a little bit about myself and a little bit of what I’m about to do. My story is one of Jesus' consistent and tender pursuit of my heart. Although I grew up

Have you ever wondered and asked yourself “How much faith in God do I have?” Or “Has my faith changed and been actualized in words and deeds?” Or “How am I supposed to share my faith with others around me?” Such questions relate to the message God is offering us this weekend. In the gospel today, we hear that Jesus performed two miracles and these two miracles are interrelated. First, Jesus healed a woman who has been bleeding for twelve years.

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