Author: Kevin Murray

Even non-believers would have a hard time criticizing Jesus for being uncaring, rigid, or callous. Throughout the Gospels, His words and actions are almost always loving, empathetic, and understanding. I say “almost always” because today we read about a rare (perhaps, the only) encounter between Jesus and a Canaanite woman who needs His help in which Jesus refuses her request (at least initially) and, to make matters worse, He insults the woman. Jesus explains that his mission is “only to the

Today, the Church celebrates the Transfiguration of our Lord. This is the moment when Jesus took Peter, James and John up the mountain to see Him with Moses and Elijah as Jesus as the fulfillment of the law and the prophets. Then they see Him in dazzling white. There are two key elements of this encounter with the transfigured Lord. First, the apostles hear God’s voice speaking to them. In the Opening Prayer this morning, we ask God that, “listening to

Hey Y’all, The other day, somebody I know well asked if I was enjoying my “down-time” during the summer. (This friend of mine is not churchy at all. He has no idea what I do as a priest. He has little understanding of finding value in work. He gave himself over to a lot of “down-time” since he made a boatload early on and retired at the age of 40.) As I’ve told him before, that priests don’t follow a scholastic

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But, though you are master of might, you judge with clemency, and with much lenience you govern us; One of the characteristics of a great leader is humility. With humility comes the ability to be patient, compassionate and merciful. Proud, powerful people are rarely able to accept others as they are. Instead, they judge harshly, criticize often, and shame those who they are supposed to lead. Although God is “the master of might,” He accepts us as we are, where we are.

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