January 2023

Holy Smokes Meat Ministry will be hosting a special BBQ dinner to support our Parish Mission Trips. All ticket proceeds will help support those traveling to Poland in March and Mexico in June – especially the young people in our group! Enjoy one last feast before Lent begins! Our Mission Trip to Poland will be focused on serving the Ukrainian refugees who have fled their homeland during the war. And our return to Mexico will continue our partnership with the local

In our Gospel today, we’re reminded of a very familiar pericope (fyi., a pericope is a literary/rhetorical term that means a passage, often from the Bible, that forms a unit of thought). If you’ve been hanging around Church for a while, we’ve all heard preachers eloquently waxing on about this pericope, Matthew 5:1-12. Preachers focus on being “poor of spirit,” being meek, hungering for righteousness, etc. – really those virtuous qualities Christians should embrace. Other times, usually at funerals, a preacher would

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” Today is Word of God Sunday. The Church asks us to focus particularly on the essential importance of God’s Word in our worship and in our everyday lives. There was a time when Non-Catholic Christians accused Catholics of not reading the Bible. To some extent, they may have had a point. However, the Second Vatican Council focused Catholic worship in a very clear and

A St. Valentine’s Day Celebration Featuring Music by Jenisa and the Fam A delicious Italian meal brought to your table! Saturday, February 11, 2023 Limited Tickets Available, Festival Seating $35 2 VIP reserved seats and bottle of wine $100 Tickets on sale beginning Jan. 28th in Mondor Plaza and the SSJ Web site VIP Seat tickets only available at the Knight’s table in Mondor Plaza

Today, we celebrate the feast of the Epiphany. As we hear in the Gospel, this feast commemorates the day on which the Magi from the East came seeking the infant Jesus, to bring Him gifts, and to pay Him homage. The term “Magi” referred to learned (or “wise”) men who studied the stars (practicing what today we call astrology) and probably performed some types of magic. It is unlikely that the men were kings or that there were exactly three

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