December 2022

Hey Y’all! Happy Feast Day, remembering our Blessed Mother, and a happy and blessed year of grace, 2023! Let me just get down to business! This year, like previous years, the staff and I wanted to give you a little book as a gift. The only difference this year is we’ve got some different books from which to choose. And it’s a gift that will hopefully keep on giving because we’d love for you to read the book between Epiphany (next Sunday)

A little while ago we started a little something called “Parking Lot Prayer”. The way it works is that we have a couple of good and holy souls who spend an hour each Wednesday afternoon from 3:30 pm to 4:30 pm sitting on the curb in front of the Church. Anybody who wants to can stop by and then our good and holy volunteers will pray with that person. If nobody shows up seeking immediate prayers, then our good and

You too must be patient. Make your hearts firm, because the coming of the Lord is at hand. During Advent, we hear a lot about anticipating the coming of the Lord and being ready for that blessed event. Today, the message of Advent is to rejoice! However, as our lives continue on, day after day, and we see every kind of terrible thing occurring in our community, in our nation and in the world, it’s hard to patiently maintain our faith

Hey Y’all, Last Tuesday morning, like lots of Tuesday mornings during the school year, the youngest pupils at our school came to Mass. I like saying Mass for these young ‘uns. They’re squirmy, and fidgety, and picking various body parts, but they are like little human sponges. They hear things, picking up new knowledge even if you don’t think they’re paying attention. But every time I start my homily, they are paying attention! The first reading last Tuesday is the same reading

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