Pastoral Message – January 1, 2023

Pastoral Message – January 1, 2023

Hey Y’all!

Happy Feast Day, remembering our Blessed Mother, and a happy and blessed year of grace, 2023!

Let me just get down to business! This year, like previous years, the staff and I wanted to give you a little book as a gift. The only difference this year is we’ve got some different books from which to choose. And it’s a gift that will hopefully keep on giving because we’d love for you to read the book between Epiphany (next Sunday) and Ash Wednesday. And then in Lent, we’ll set up book clubs around the titles that you’ve chosen. Here are the books that we will be giving out next week.

Joan of Arc by Mark Twain
It’s a charming book, written like a novel, fancifully telling a historical story of a holy life.

My Cousin the Saint by Justin Catanoso
This is a memoir about generations, places, faith and family, written by a contemporary journalist for contemporary seekers.

Seriously, God? Making Sense of Life Not Making Sense by Fr. Michael White and Tom Corcoran
This book helps a reader come to terms with difficulties erupting, even while doing everything to be good. This book was written specifically for book study groups.

How Catholic Art Saved the Faith: The Triumph of Beauty and Truth in Counter-Reformation Art by Elizabeth Lev.
The age of the reformation and counter-reformation was a turbulent period in society, culture and the Church. Art as propaganda, theology, and ultimately truth is shown to reflect God’s glory.

He Leadeth Me: An Extraordinary Testament of Faith by Walter Ciszek, S.J. and Daniel Flaherty, S.J.
The story of Fr. Walter Ciszek, who endured 23 years in a Soviet Gulag, after being accused of being a Vatican spy. The story’s moral is one of trusting in God, prayer, and knowledge of a never-forsaking God.

We tried to pick books for various tastes and sensibilities. Hopefully, there is a book you’d like to read. Or maybe you’ll read a book just to join in a group for discussion and fellowship. That’s great! Or maybe your New Year’s resolution is to grow and mature spiritually. Well, here’s a chance. So take advantage of this opportunity!

The books are in limited quantity. If the book you’d like to read isn’t available, just let us know and we’ll get a copy for you.

So again, I pray that we’ll all have a blessed and holy 2023. And with the intercession of Mary, Mother of God, may we all know the peace of Her Son, Jesus Christ!

Fr. Reynold

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