October 2022

Recently, I was speaking with my spiritual director and was expressing my disappointment in myself for being judgmental and impatient with some people even though I can be compassionate and understanding for others. I told him that I truly felt called to spend hours patiently assisting those who I felt were truly suffering. For instance, I am eager to comfort and support the man who lost his wife of 60 years, the woman who lost her son, or the young

Hey Y’all! From my silliness you’d never know that I had to study philosophy for my first couple of years in the Seminary. I don’t think the seminary folks (and the Bishops of the world) considered a college degree in playing the oboe to have much intellectual value. So study philosophy I did. So much so that I ended up with another degree after a couple of years. But as I was reading Plato and Aristotle, Origen, Augustine and Boethius, Avicenna, Averroes

In honor of the Spiritual Work of Mercy, Pray for the Living and the Dead, the Ribbon Wall returns.  After Mass inscribe your loved ones name on a ribbon available outside the church doors. It will then be hung on the ribbon wall located by the bell tower. Volunteers are needed after the Masses to hand out ribbons and assisting parishioners,  Contact Louise Nakamine at

“Proclaim the word; be persistent whether it is convenient or inconvenient…” How often do we feel that God does not answer our prayers because things do not occur the way that we would like them to occur? How often do we feel angry, disappointed, or defeated because we assume that God doesn’t care or that He doesn’t exist at all? This week, we hear about overcoming those feelings and being persistent in our prayer regardless of the outcome. In the first reading

Dear Parishioners and Visitors, Hey Y’all, Every now and then, I’m directed by both our Bishop and the moral norms of our Church to speak out prophetically about social issues. This direction from on high is generally given in election seasons. So I’m writing to y’all specifically about Proposition 1, an amendment to our California State Constitution. This amendment makes reproductive freedom, abortion and contraceptives a fundamental right in the California Constitution. And while I’m not terribly caught up in politics or political

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