Pastoral Message – October 9, 2022

Pastoral Message – October 9, 2022

Dear Parishioners and Visitors,

Hey Y’all,

Every now and then, I’m directed by both our Bishop and the moral norms of our Church to speak out prophetically about social issues. This direction from on high is generally given in election seasons. So I’m writing to y’all specifically about Proposition 1, an amendment to our California State Constitution. This amendment makes reproductive freedom, abortion and contraceptives a fundamental right in the California Constitution.

And while I’m not terribly caught up in politics or political agenda personally, as a Roman Catholic Christian, I need to deeply consider the implications that such an amendment would have on our society, our culture and on individual lives – lives of a potential Mom, Dad, and baby. As Roman Catholics, I ask you to join in conducting your own investigation of heart, mind and soul regarding this sensitive issue.

I think the pro-life position in the Roman Catholic Church is well known. But I also know that the pro-life teachings of the Church are not embraced nor practiced in fullness. So this might be a good opportunity to reconsider your own feelings and positions.

So as any responsible voter is required, do your due diligence, study up on the issue, consider all the forces that are contributing to this Proposition and then vote according to your well-informed conscience. Then as Roman Catholics, please pray for wisdom and empathy around these life issues.

And so you know the official stance of our Church, below is some information from the California Catholic Conference. Thank you for prayerfully considering your stance and your vote.

May God, the Giver of all life, bless y’all!

Fr. Reynold


Sadly, California is presently one of the most permissive states in the nation for abortion. Proposition 1 promotes an unlimited expansion of abortion here, while its defeat would keep all abortion laws as they are, including our common-sense limits on late-term abortions. Our bishops are calling us to unite in prayer and action to defeat Prop 1. Please visit to find answers to common questions and resources to help defeat this misleading, expensive, and unnecessary ballot initiative.

Proposition 1 is a worst-case scenario for abortion in California. It is an expensive and misleading ballot measure that allows unlimited late-term abortions — for any reason, at any time, even moments before birth, paid for by tax dollars. Prop 1 isn’t needed. Sadly, California already has some of the most permissive abortion laws in the nation that would remain in effect without the amendment, including our current limit on late-term abortions that are permitted only for the life and health of the mother. Prop 1 destroys this common-sense limit. California does not limit state spending on abortion, and with thousands more traveling from other states, the cost will be in the hundreds of millions. Don’t hand lawmakers a blank check to pay for abortions, and don’t let them make California an “abortion sanctuary.”

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