February 2022

This Lent, SSJ is partnering with local Huntington Beach charitable organizations to collect items that will make an impact to their mission. Please prayerfully reflect about directing your Lenten almsgiving to our neighbors in need. Look to the SSJ Lenten Outreach flyer and future bulletins for information on the Lenten organizations we are supporting, their specific needs and the help they provide to our community. 1st Week of Lent Organization & Mission: Robyne’s Nest in Huntington Beach,, is the focus for

Our relationships, whether at the parish or at the school, are based on mutual respect and trust. The quickest way to erode that trust is to speak poorly about one another. That’s why I get frustrated when folks within our parish communicate negativity, discontent, and general unhappiness. I have been praying about how that situation might be addressed for the benefit of the parish as a whole. The Holy Spirit heard my prayer and gave me an amazing opportunity. It

As you’re reading these words, it’s the weekend of the 7th Sunday in Ordinary Time on the Roman Church’s calendar. In today’s readings, we’re tracking through some fundamental stories to help form us as Christians. These readings appear to be simple, but they’re not easy. The 1st reading this Sunday tells the story of David being faithful and merciful in his complicated relationship with King Saul. Even though David is given what looks to be an opportunity to overcome an enemy

Dear Parishioners and Visitors, What would you prefer, to be rich or to be poor? To be rich or to be poor, which seems better to you? Maybe this is not a hypothetical question for you. I could ask instead, to be rich or poor, which have you already experienced to be the better state of existence? For many of us, we would much prefer to be rich, famous, and powerful. No matter where one lives in this world, money, power and

I am a terrible fisherman. I have no patience, no confidence, no skill and no desire. The only joy I have ever gotten out of fishing was when my son was young and he would get so excited when he would catch even the smallest or ugliest fish. Each time he would eagerly ask me if we could get the fish mounted like the fish that his great grandfather had caught many years before. Being frugal and practical, I never

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