Pastoral Message – October 15, 2023

Pastoral Message – October 15, 2023

Mass Intentions

What can we do to pray for a loved one, living or deceased?” Or “how can we do something to honor or memorialize a loved one?” These are common questions that come up in times of grief, sickness, trials, tribulations, or praise and thanksgiving.

One response, which is both ancient and contemporary, is to have a Mass offered. This offering of a Mass intention becomes one of three of a celebrant’s intentions. First, Father intends to celebrate the Mass reverently and validly. Second, Father offers the Mass in union with the whole Church and for the blessing of the Church and world. And finally, Father can offer a specific prayer or intention. Thus, that third intention is your “Mass intention”.

Considering all that, below is the policy of our parish, which is in accord with the law of both the Diocese and the Church.

Anyone may request a Mass Intention for:

  • a person who is living,
  • a person who is deceased,
  • members of a given family
  • a special intention appropriate to the celebration of the Eucharist, e.g., World Peace, Vocations, Respect for Life, etc.

Church law allows only one intention per Mass. However, two Masses per week may have Collective Mass Intentions. So intentions and offerings will be combined on Mondays and Saturdays at the 8:15 am Mass.

At the time of requesting your Mass intention, we’ll inform you so you can either consent to being part of a collective intention or schedule another day, if available. These collective Mass intentions are allowed so as to accommodate any immediate needs that come up; for example, the death of a loved one, an impending surgery, a sudden illness or injury, a prayer answered, etc.

At our Parish, many people request Mass Intentions. Therefore, when requesting intentions, an individual can request a maximum of ten (10) Masses per calendar year per specific intention. For example, someone can only request a Mass intention for the repose of the soul of “John Doe” 10 times in a year.

A Mass Intention can only be requested for a Mass from Advent to Advent. The Mass Intention calendar is renewed every year on the first Sunday of Advent. We will begin to take Mass intentions on Monday, October 16 this year.

Mass Intentions are filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

The date of a Mass Intention is subject to change.

As per diocesan policy: The suggested offering for a Mass Intention is $10.00 per Mass. A Mass Offering may be more than the suggested offering and it may be less, if the person requesting the Mass is not in the financial position to make the customary Mass Offering. God knows your bank balance and your wealth. This is not the time to be a bargain shopper!!!

Mass Intentions are published in our bulletin.

Mass Intentions are the intentions of the celebrant. They are not public announcements, news flashes or an opportunity to be showy. Names of the Mass Intentions will not be announced at Mass. If families gather for a specific Mass, they know why they’re there. They can make their own prayers for their intentions, knowing that the celebrant’s intentions align with their intention. The Mass intention is not intended to take the place of a funeral, memorial Mass, etc.

If you have any questions regarding Mass Intentions, please feel free to call the church office.


Suggestions for ways to remember your loved ones, living or deceased:

Make a Gift to the SSJ Liturgy Fund – donations help with the cost of all things related to liturgical prayer, i.e. vestments, altar cloths, sacred vessels, a new statue of the Blessed Mother, etc.

The SSJ Building Fund – all gifts help with the maintenance of church facilities and grounds

The SSJ Student/School Fund – donations help our students whose families need tuition assistance. Or donations can be directed to specific needs of the parish School.

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