Pastoral Message – March 31, 2024

Pastoral Message – March 31, 2024

He is risen. He is risen, indeed!

So goes an ancient dialog between priest and people, and Christian to Christian. It is an Easter proclamation of faith in Jesus Christ, who was crucified, died and buried, and resurrected to life in glory – body, mind and spirit. The origin of this proclamation is attributed to St. Mary Magdalene. And even if this attribution isn’t completely accurate, it’s logical because Mary Magdalene saw it all. She was at the foot of the cross, keeping vigil during Jesus’ crucifixion. She was one of those who helped prepare his lifeless body for burial. She was also the first to meet the resurrected, glorified Jesus. And she was the first to give witness to the Apostles and the rest of the world of the glory of Jesus the Christ’s victory over sin and death.

Think about it for a second. The whole trajectory of humanity, the shape of society, culture, and all human experience were changed by that single act of God — Jesus was risen, Jesus is risen, indeed! And from that single woman’s word, everything was changed. That’s amazing just by itself. But think about how your personal belief in the resurrection of Jesus influences your own thinking, and doing and being. As Roman Catholic Christians, the resurrection of Jesus is really the center of what we celebrate. The resurrection of Jesus is the impetus for how we live and move, and have our being.

So as we celebrate Easter communally at Church today and for the next 50 days during the Easter Season, let’s emulate St. Mary Magdalene, giving witness to our risen Lord. And then individually, let’s seek to embrace all that the resurrection of Jesus means to us. Seek to grow in faith, hope and love, as well as wonder, awe, courage, strength, and all that leads to a fulfilling grace. God has blessed us. God continues to bless us. And may God bless you as you come to live more abundantly through the truth that He is risen! He is risen, indeed!

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