Pastoral Services Appeal

Pastoral Services Appeal


Pledges can be made online at or by texting PSA to (714) 622-7877.  See the message below from our pastor regarding this year’s PSA.

Hey Y’all,

Earlier this year, I reached out to the parish with two goals in mind. The first goal was to meet the Diocesan-set goal of $213,000 for the annual Pastoral Services Appeal. Well, thanks to 540 fellow parishioners, we have pledges that not only meet that goal but exceed it! As of now we have $337,000 pledged and $280,000 paid. I’m humbled and encouraged by your support of the Church and the parish. Thank you to those 540 parish families!

Now the second goal is where things get interesting. As you might know, once we have paid pledges that meet our diocesan goal of $213,000, any additional money collected is rebated back for the parish to use on big ticket expenses. It’s a way for us as a parish to have a mini-capital campaign without going through the lengthy and pricey process of a major capital campaign. Knowing that we were going to be heading back into the Church, I made a case for improvements to the sound system. I set a big goal for this, advertising $750,000 as this year’s dream goal. I put that huge number out there for your consideration, your prayer and your participation.

We’ve been able to get back into the Church with reduced occupancy. Some of you have experienced the echo (reverb) and have noticed that the sound system is a bit temperamental. Folks have mentioned that it is difficult at times to understand the lectors, the deacons or the priests. With acoustical treatments, which these days are aesthetically pleasing, we would address the echo in the building itself. With screens and projectors, we eliminate a need for printing paper worship aids that cost the parish $25,000 a year in copier leases and paper expenses. With improved electronics we can make the spoken word clear while giving the choir, cantors and musicians a warm, resonant tone. This experience of worship in our Church building is really the end goal of our second PSA financial goal.

With this in mind, I ask you to consider and pray about your participation in this year’s PSA. Please consider joining me, Fr. Mike, Fr. Thanh-Tai and the families that have made a donation or a pledge this year.

God bless!
Fr. Reynold


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