Schoolwide Retreat

Schoolwide RetreatThe schoolwide retreat gives our students the opportunity to live their faith through prayer, meditation and service to others. From the youngest TYKE students to the graduating 8th grade students, all classes, faculty and staff join together to share a day of prayer, in-depth reflection and reverence. Because our school is centered around the message and teachings of Jesus Christ, it is important that we take time as a school community to open our hearts and minds as we try to grow closer to Jesus. Each year a different theme is selected by the liturgy team which is carried out throughout not only the retreat day, but woven into the entire school year. Each grade spends the day reflecting on how God calls us to follow him and how they can best use their talents and gifts to strengthen their relationship with Jesus. The retreat day typically begins with Mass, and then students spend the rest of the day engaged in appropriate grade level activities. Crafts, skits, music, reflective writing, discussions, games and stories are often part of the agenda. Guest speakers are quite frequently invited to participate in the day as well. At the end of the day, the entire school community gathers in Church once again for a closing prayer service that captures and commemorates the spirit of the day.