May Crowning

May is the month when Catholics traditionally focus on Mary, the Mother of Jesus. This practice dates back at least 700 years and is still observed around the world today. May is seen as the beginning of new life and the start of summer, which makes this a logical time for the many celebrations of Mary, who brought life into the world. Each year, the students at Sts. Simon & Jude School participate in a May Crowning ceremony to honor the Blessed Mother. The May Crowning ceremony involves the entire student body, with special participation from the eighth grade students and all students who have recently received their First Communion. These students wear their “Sunday best” clothes and serve as an honor guard for all those who enter the church. During the entrance procession at this paraliturgy, flowers are placed at the base of the statue of Mary. The eighth grade students also have various duties as they lead us in prayer and song. An eighth grade student is selected to place a beautiful floral crown on the statue of the Blessed Mother.

The May Crowning ceremony is a timeless tradition, and we are often joined by many parents, family members and parishioners who fill the church.