Christmas Pageant

catholic identity 3 CHRISTMAS PAGEANTOur annual Christmas Pageant is one of our favorite holiday events at Sts. Simon & Jude School. Each year the pageant features festive scenes with both familiar and contemporary carols detailing the drama of the nativity of Christ. Pageants have included everything from adorable dancing snowflakes, to a multitude of angels, to a very reverent Santa on bended knee before the baby Jesus.

Although all SSJ students participate in the pageant through song, with every story there is a multitude of both speaking and non-speaking roles. Students are encouraged to audition for these roles; no prior experience is necessary. We do ask, however, that students who commit to being part of the theatrical production not have a plethora of outside activities that will keep them from attending all after-school rehearsals.

Each year we are truly honored and humbled that we have the privilege of portraying the timeless truths illustrated in the birth of Jesus. The promise of two thousand years ago is realized again each time we tell the Christmas story. As morning rises over Bethlehem, a new hope arises in our hearts. Each Christmas, we celebrate that hope with you.