Expanding Access to Catholic Education:
The Fr. Christian Mondor, OFM, Memorial Scholarship Program

Fr. Christian Mondor, OFM, and Vicar Emeritus of Sts. Simon & Jude Catholic Church, passed away on April 25, 2018 after being a part of the SSJ Community for over 25 active years.

His last words were “Keep Working”, and in the spirit of that request, Sts. Simon & Jude Catholic School has continued to work on expanding access to our school by allowing more families to have an opportunity to benefit and be blessed by the many gifts of a Catholic education.

Among his many roles, Fr. Christian was also a long-time Catholic educator, and in his honor, we are pleased to introduce this new scholarship program to our parish community. If you or someone you know has ever wanted to have the opportunity to attend SSJ School but for financial reasons, felt it was beyond your reach, our scholarship programs are here to help bridge the gap:

  • We are offering new families 50% off the cost of tuition for the first year of enrollment. This represents a savings of nearly $3,700 for one child to attend and have the chance to experience the many advantages of an SSJ education. For year two and beyond, tuition assistance can be made available on an as-needed basis.
  • Open to new families applying to SSJ School for the first time only. Any family currently involved in SSJ Faith Formation and/or registered with the parish is encouraged to apply.
  • Please download a copy of the new Fr. Christian Mondor Memorial Scholarship application here. Copies of the application may also be picked up at the SSJ Parish Front Office or at the SSJ School Front Office.
  • We are accepting scholarship applications through Monday, August 5th so please apply today!
  • Please call the SSJ School Front Office with any questions.

Apply today and experience the advantages, benefits, and
gifts of an SSJ School Catholic School education!

Eddie Rice Scholarship

Members of the Sts. Simon & Jude Community established this scholarship in memory of Eddie Rice, who had just completed the seventh grade at Sts. Simon & Jude School in 1982 and died that summer while on a Boy Scout campout. Eddie was an average student who had to work to get B’s and the occasional A.  He loved sports and had an infectious laugh and a dry sense of humor.  The one trait that stood out was his sensitivity and concern for others.  Because he had to work hard and not always succeeded in everything, he understood how others might need a friend.  Because he had been shy as a very young boy, he sought to make everyone feel included. And because he had disappointments, he was more aware of others who experienced a hurt. He was “an old soul” who understood at a young age what was really important.

The Eddie Rice Scholarship was established to recognize those students who are trying to follow in the footsteps of Jesus.  Teachers, coaches, and students who are participating in the selection process use this as the most important consideration when choosing the honoree.  Academic achievement is considered when measuring the students commitment to “doing their best”. Likewise, athletic participation may also be assessed in the context of a student who demonstrates good sportsmanship and perseverance. In other words, the student who is trying to use the gifts he/she has been given by God to help others is worthy of this award; for they understand what being a Christian truly means.

Each year since Eddie began his new life with God, a seventh grade student has been awarded a monetary scholarship and a plaque during the final liturgy of the school year.  A perpetual plaque with the names of all recipients hangs in the school hallway. Every year, a member of Eddie’s family makes the presentation on the last day of school at Mass. The Rice family has a rich tradition at SSJ, including Eddie’s siblings–Patricia, Amy, Robert and Katie, and we are blessed to continue to share in that tradition.