School-Sponsored Trips

Field Trips

School_TripsField Study/Trips–Policy and Procedures: All students who participate in a school-sponsored field trip MUST have a permission slip signed by a parent and returned by the indicated due date. Students without signed permission slips will NOT be allowed to leave campus and participate in the trip. NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE TO THIS POLICY. (Please note that verbal permission by phone will NOT be accepted.)

School Sponsored Trips

Catholic schools sponsor travel opportunities and field trips as part of their curriculum, athletic programs and/or extra-curricular programming. The following procedures are to be followed. If parents have a question regarding a student trip, they should contact the school administration to ensure whether a proposed travel is school-sponsored and school-sanctioned.

Prohibition of Other Travel

The Diocese of Orange does not sanction any other trips with current undergraduate students or with graduated students from any of our schools. This includes trips during summer vacation and other periods in which school is not in session. Parents should not assume that any non-sanctioned trip will provide adult supervision of their children. The school and the Diocese of Orange will not accept any liability for any trip that it does not sponsor as part of its curriculum.

  • No school faculty or staff member can serve as a paid or unpaid tour guide, sponsor, or chaperone for student travel that is not school-sponsored. Exception to this restriction may be granted by the Superintendent for trips: [1] which do not involve students from the faculty/staff member’s own school or [2] which are sponsored by an outside non-profit or charitable organization in which the employee is a member.
  • No faculty or staff member may utilize school facilities or resources to promote or advertise a travel program which does not have school sponsorship. Unauthorized use of school resources include: [1] use of classrooms or school offices for organizational meetings, [2] use of classroom time for discussion and promotion of travel programs, [3] use of school computers for communication or preparation of printed materials and, [4] use of duplicating equipment.
  • Any promotion of private business interests is a violation of the “Conflict of Interest” directives contained in the Employee Handbook for Lay Personnel of the Diocese of Orange. Such infractions may affect employment eligibility.

Neither the school nor the Diocese of Orange will accept any liability for any trip that it does not sponsor as part of its curriculum, athletic competition, or extracurricular programming. (Diocesan Administrative Handbook)