Academic Decathlon

Students in Grades 6, 7 and 8 are invited to try out for our Academic Decathlon Team. The team is comprised of ten (10) students who have exemplary Christian behavior, exceptional grades, superior ITBS scores including cognitive ability score (CogAt), a team mentality, a teacher recommendation, parents’ approval, and who exhibit the ability to study independently.  Each of the eight individual subject areas (Math, Science, Literature, English and Spelling, Social Studies, Religion, Fine Arts and Current Events) will have one team member who will compete on behalf of the school. That student will work with an advising coach, but will be independently accountable for the study and retention of the subject area material.  Candidates are then invited to take a logic assessment which will be used to determine the final team in late October.  The Decathlon Competition takes place in early March. The team will meet at various times from November through February.