Primary Grades

primary gradesTYKE, Kindergarten and Grades 1-3

In a nurturing environment, our primary grade students quickly become entrenched in the “life of SSJ.” From the littlest TYKE student walking all the way across campus with the instructional aide to deliver the daily attendance as the designated classroom helper, to the “seasoned” third grade students who assist us in picking up after Mass in the church, there are many milestones to cross on campus while growing as a member of our school family.

Through the years, SSJ has developed many traditions unique to the primary grades. The following is a small sampling of some of these events: TYKE students perform their Animal Alphabet Play; Kindergarten students participate in the Alphabet Parade where they come to school dressed as a character that represents a designated letter of the alphabet; First grade students participate in the Reading Celebration Day by dressing up as characters in their favorite book, making presentations, creating book jackets and dioramas; Second grade students celebrate cultural diversity with America’s People Day; and Third grade students participate in Read Across America Day, an annual reading motivation and awareness program in honor of the beloved children’s author, Dr. Seuss.