Junior High

Grades 7-8


The junior high experience provides seventh and eighth grade students with a nurturing environment as they explore a departmentalized approach for all subjects. Academically, the priority is that of preparing for the rigorous academic expectations of high school. Student focus is on study skills and earning good grades. They are taught the importance of being organized, managing their time well, completing homework and studying for tests. Students are guided in setting goals that are specific, measurable and realistic, giving them direction and focusing them personally and academically. By the time students reach high school, they have honed their critical and analytical skills and are ready to meet the demands of a challenging curriculum.

In the area of leadership, junior high students may be elected as Student Council Commissioners and attend TACSC (The Association of Catholic Student Councils) Leadership Camp in the summer. Students in junior high who qualify for membership in CJSF can earn service hours by helping to tutor younger students under faculty supervision.

Through the years, SSJ has developed some traditions unique to junior high. A sampling of some of these events includes: Seventh grade students showcase God’s many creations with the Phylum Phasion Show. Eighth grade students create two semester projects. The Quest for the Greatest American requires the students to select, research and conduct a campaign for the citizen they consider to be the greatest American. The project finishes with an election held in Colman Hall. At the end of their 8th grade year, the students will reflect upon their grammar school education in relation to the Schoolwide Learning Expectations. Students present their reflections in a formal speech presented to their families and the administration.

Our Schoolwide Learning Expectations are the observable and measurable skills that are the priority learning goals identified by the Sts. Simon & Jude School community as what we hope to see manifested in all of our students.