Principal’s Weekly Newsletter

Principal’s eNewsletter


The administration of Sts. Simon & Jude School believes in the importance of effective home–school communication. It is imperative that the ongoing communication between school and home succeed in supporting student learning. Those of us in educational settings may feel like we communicate with families frequently and in many ways: through school newsletters, good news (or bad news) calls home, weekly agendas, parent–teacher conferences, PFA meetings, and notices galore. Those of you with children at home may feel like you receive an avalanche of “communication” material that your children bring home stuffed into their backpacks, usually at the bottom. And if you are lucky, your children might just remember to pull the papers out and share the information with you before it becomes old news.

It is for this reason that the Principal’s weekly eNewsletter is now being sent via e-mail to parents.  As always, our focus is on building respectful and trusting relationships among our families, school staff and community members. As we work diligently towards creating effective, sustained connections that support student learning, we ask that you unite with us in our efforts by signing up on our e-mail list.