Child and Youth Protection

Providing a safe and welcoming environment for our children and youth is a top priority at Sts. Simon & Jude Catholic School. A safe environment protects our children from harm, including sexual abuse and child molestation. It allows them to feel confident and secure in the classroom and at church.

To address this need, Sts. Simon & Jude Catholic School has responded by being fully compliant with the following policies for the prevention of the abuse of children and young people:

In addition to being available on this website, these documents are available in hard copy in the gathering space of the church, the parish office, the faith formation office and the parish school.

As we have encouraged in the past, those with knowledge of inappropriate behavior – whether past or present – should come forward with this information so that innocent victims may be spared from further harm:

Diocese of Orange: A complaint against a Diocesan priest, deacon, religious personnel assigned in the Diocese of Orange, Catholic school personnel, or other Diocesan employee may be initiated by calling (800) 364-3064. All complaints will be answered by the Diocese of Orange Assistance Ministry Coordinator who will respond to and assist the caller in directing the complaint to the proper authority.

Franciscan Province of Saint Barbara: A complaint against a Franciscan Friar can also be initiated by contacting the Province Independent Response Team by calling (800) 770-8013, mailing a letter to Independent Response Team, PO Box 90638, Santa Barbara, CA 93139, or visiting their website at

May the Lord give you peace.

Rev. Daniel Barica, ofm
Pastor, Sts. Simon & Jude Catholic Church