Pastoral Message – March 26, 2023

Pastoral Message – March 26, 2023

Hey Y’all,

I’m writing this week’s bulletin message from Poland. The pictures look like many you’d see from any Church group on a mission trip- we’re enjoying local hospitality, getting to visit cool places, and meeting interesting people.  All afternoon and evening today we heard stories of war crimes witnessed by people who had just feed us sumptuously. We took on the emotions – rage, fear, anxiety, frustration and darkness- that were expressed by these refugees as they told their stories. But we also saw faith and hope in prayer and hospitality. It was a tearful, heavy day.

Tomorrow, we will take needed items – shoes, toothbrushes, diapers, Easter candy for little kids, etc. – to charitable groups which will give them to families in need. Men, yes, but especially women and children. The Ukrainian men, up to age 60, all had to stay behind to fight. These necessary items were purchased because the people of Saints Simon & Jude we’re so generous. Thank you!!!

After hearing about some of the millions of very real atrocities committed in our enlightened times, a Ukrainian priest we met simply asked, “how can these people love their enemies?” We answered with  silence. No one had an easy answer for that one.

I later asked the refugees just what they wanted us to take back to the USA? Their answer was quick. They wanted us to remind you that this war is real. There is indescribable suffering occurring. And that evil is real, so don’t be complacent. They also wanted us to know that as people who have faith, and a Church community, ultimately they have hope and faith in God. Because, without God, there wouldn’t be a way to survive at all.

So please pray. Reflect on these things. And fight against all that is evil, even to the point of loving your enemies. While hating, sin, war and all that causes it.

God Bless!
Fr. Reynold

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