Bereavement Ministry

We are a Resurrection People; we hold in faith the hope for which many hunger, especially the grieving. The Risen Lord gives us a promise of life — not only life after death, but the hope that we can rise again from all the little deaths of sin, failure and loss. We dare not refuse to share that hope. 

The vision of Bereavement Ministry is to create an atmosphere of acceptance, understanding and direction for those who are grieving the death of a family member or friend. Empowered by our baptism, it is the responsibility, not only of the pastoral staff, but also of the entire Christian community of SSJ, to bring Christ’s comfort to those who are bereaved. Our commitment is to assure that no member of our community grieves alone, without the love and the resurrection faith we hold in trust for one another. This is done through and with the staff and volunteer parishioners who have chosen to join our ministry in bringing the compassionate face of Christ to those who are grieving.

For those interested in discerning if the Bereavement Ministry is your Baptism call to serve, please contact the Director.

If you would like to inquire about planning a funeral service for yourself, a loved one or friend, please contact the parish office or refer to our website at, under Quick Links. Click on Funerals for detailed information on Preparing for a Catholic Funeral.

Maureen O'Day, Director
(714) 962-3333
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