Disciples in Action

Project Status

Week of August 1

Paving Has Been Completed.  Weekend Masses Celebrated in the Church.

Asphalt paving in the parking lot and the striping of the parking spots has been completed.  Brick pavers now outline the pedestrian crosswalks from the parking lot to Colman Hall and from the parish office to the school building.

Parking Lot Walkway to Colman Hall

Week of July 25

Paving Has Begun!

Asphalt paving has been completed in the north parking lot area next to the school and Colman Hall, as well as the alley behind the school and between the maintenance shed and Stay Care.  New concrete has been poured in the area between the Kindergarten classes and the back of Colman Hall.  A new parking area has been created adjacent to the easternmost Indianapolis driveway.

School Colman Hall New Parking
Behind Colman Hall Shed Area


Week of July 18

Heavy equipment is leveling the ground in preparation for applying asphalt. Workers are putting in sidewalks around the school and Colman Hall.

Heavy Equipment Concrete Base
Sidewalk Heavy Equipment 2


Week of July 11

Magnolia Driveway — Handicap Access

Below is a picture of the work performed on the Magnolia Street driveway approach.  All three approaches into the property are being regraded to comply with ADA code
requirements.  The finished drives will have reduced slopes that will allow for better access by people with disabilities.

Curb Installation

Concrete curbs are appearing throughout the northern section of the parking lot.  The first sections getting curbs are along the school and Colman Hall.

Driveway Concrete New Curbs Magnolia Driveway


Week of July 4

Asphalt Now Removed from All the Parking Lot

The entire church parking lot is now dirt.  All the asphalt and concrete in front of the church and parish office has been removed.  Heavy equipment is being used to level the ground and dig trenches for the placement of electrical conduit and irrigation pipes.

Dirt Parking Lot

Week of June 27

Replacement of Water and Sewage Pipes

The first days of the project revealed that most of the water lines on the north side of the parking lot were located just below the surface of the asphalt.  Because the pipes were located in shallow ground, they broke during the demolition of the asphalt leaving  the campus without water for a period of time. In addition, it was discovered that many of the underground pipes were constructed of very thin material that is not in accordance with current city code standards. In order to address these issues, it was necessary to replace the water lines and relocate them into deeper ground.

In the past, water throughout the entire plant was required to be shutdown when plumbing work was performed.  Shutoff valves have been installed on the pipes which will allow water in isolated portions of the campus to be turned off when plumbing work is being performed in that area.  

It was discovered that aging sewer lines in this north section of the campus had shifted downward into the soil which effected the optimal flow of waste into city sewers.  The main sewer lines were replaced, as well as arterial lines into the buildings.  This will allow the school to move forward with a future bathroom upgrade.

Added Project Scope

The project has been expanded to include the walkway area between the Kindergarten wing and the back wall of Colman Hall.  This area floods very easily when it rains and the concrete has been repaired numerous times.  The grading issues which caused flooding have been resolved along with replacement of shallow water pipes and damaged computer lines.

Major Trenching Completed, Landscape Irrigation Work Begins

Wet soil conditions in the north parking lot have been addressed and the soil is now stabilized.  Bulldozers are filling in trenches that contain new pipes and technology conduit and leveling the dirt in this section of the parking lot.  Once leveling is completed, shallow trenches will be dug for landscape irrigation.

Bioswale Trench Completed

The bioswale area is lined with a waterproof membrane and soon layers of filler and landscape materials will be added.

Trenching Trenches2


Week of June 20

Trenching to Begin

Last week all the asphalt in the north section of the parking lot was removed and the ground was made flat. This week trenches will be dug, with the new pipes, conduit and other infrastructure put in the trenches.

Graded Parking Lot

Week of June 13

Bioswale Trench Completed

We are now in the process of lining the trench with a waterproof membrane, filling it with base, perforated pipe, mulch, and dirt and then covered by concrete, grass and general landscaping.

Removal of Asphalt from North Side of Parking Lot (next to Colman Hall and the school)

Heavy equipment is being used to dig up the asphalt and place into dump trucks for removal from the property.

BioswaleTrench Parking Lot North Demo


Week of June 6

Work Begins on the Field

The first item on our project list is the installation of the bioswale.  Bioswales are landscape elements designed to remove silt and pollution from surface runoff water before it drains to city sewers, which will help to improve overall community water quality.  Bioswales consist of a swaled drainage course with gently sloped sides (less than six percent) and filled with vegetation, and/or compost.  The water's flow path, along with the wide and shallow ditch, is designed to maximize the time water spends in the swale, which aids the trapping of pollutants and silt. Depending upon the geometry of land available, a bioswale may have a meandering or almost straight channel alignment.  Biological factors also contribute to the breakdown of certain pollutants.  Bioswale description courtesy of Wikipedia.


The bioswale (outlined in red above) will be on the south most section of the field, adjacent to Indianapolis Street.

Week of May 30

Project Contractor Selected  

Hoffman & Associates Building Corporation has been selected for our Parish Grounds Beautification and Infrastructure Project.  Hoffman & Associates has been performing construction services for over 40 years, with many projects in the Diocese of Orange.  Recently they have been the primary contractor for parking lots projects at St. Cecilia parish in Tustin and St. Vincent de Paul parish here in Huntington Beach.  More information can be found on their website, www.habuildingcorp.com.