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Information About a Catholic Funeral at Sts. Simon & Jude

The Bereavement Ministry exists in order to provide a funeral that honors the deceased and offers family members and friends the opportunity to grieve in the context of a Catholic Community of faith.  When a family member contacts the parish office (714-962-3333) they will receive a return call from a bereavement minister who will schedule a meeting with family members.  At that meeting, a date and time will be set for a Vigil and Funeral.  In addition, the minister will personally guide you and be with you through every step of the bereavement process.

More information concerning funerals at Sts. Simon & Jude Church can be found below:

Funeral Planning Guide

For people who would like to reflect upon or prepare for their own funeral or that of a loved one, please review the documents below.  All these documents are used in the funeral preparation process with our bereavement ministers.  Downloading these documents also allow family members who may not live in the area to participate in the funeral planning process.

Please note, that while we provide these materials for you and your family, all rituals and funeral rites, as well as the use of the church, are at the sole discretion of the pastor and the Saints Simon and Jude Catholic Church community.

Funeral Music Selections


Entrance Processional

Communion Song

Recessional - DO NOT choose a recessional hymn if a casket or urn will be present at the funeral.