Faith Formation & Sacramental Preparation Registration

Registration is closed for the 2017-2018 year.

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A message from our Pastor and Pastoral Associate for Catechesis:

Peace and all good!

It is our joy to welcome you to the Sts. Simon & Jude Catholic Church Faith Formation and Sacrament Programs.  We would like to assist you in the best way possible with forming your children in the traditions and sacraments of the Church. Our goal is to form disciples that will be fully engaged in sharing the mission of Christ and be faithful witnesses in the world. Your participation as a family is paramount in this process.

Our programs are meant to support the religious formation that is already occurring through you, the parents and guardians, whom the Church regards as the primary teachers and models of faith for your children. In regard to this important role, catechesis for your children is not enough, especially when they are looking to you for guidance.  

Please understand that the most important part of religious education occurs when the family gathers around the table of the Eucharist with the entire community each weekend here at SSJ. Families are expected to make Mass attendance a priority and the fundamental building block upon any program of catechesis. Faith formation programs that lack Mass attendance give children a contrary message and put an emphasis on information over ritual. The liturgy is the font from which all ministry and formation flows so we ask all families to make Mass attendance the ultimate priority above and beyond the faith formation and sacramental programs for which you plan to register.    

Equally important is the concept of stewardship and engagement. We are looking to you, parents and guardians, to show your care for the community of Sts. Simon & Jude Catholic Church by establishing a regular pattern of financial and, if possible, ministerial commitment so that our parish can thrive in the years to come.  Your involvement is essential to ensure the continued growth of our church, and the fulfillment of our mission.   

Thank you for taking seriously the commitment to form your children in the Catholic faith and your compliance to our program policies.  Contact us at 714.963.0014 with any questions you may have.

May the Lord give you peace,

Rev. Daniel F. Barica, OFM, Pastor
Nancy Cunningham, Pastoral Associate for Catechesis