Care for the Caregiver

Kelly_SchmidtThe Pastoral Care Ministry invites you to hear Mrs. Kelly Schmidt speak on the topic of Care for the Caregiver - You Can't Pour From an Empty Pitcher on Wednesday, October 19, at 7:30 p.m. in the Church.

Working as a caregiver for our loved ones or friends can be deeply rewarding, yet there are times when it can be overwhelming and stressful.  How do we, who minister to the grieving, the sick and the shut-ins of our community  or family, stay healthy, whole and holy?  Are we as loving to  ourselves as we are to those we minister to?

Mrs. Kelly Schmidt, Chaplain and Social Worker at the Center for Medically Fragile Children at Providence Hospital in Portland, Oregon, will join us and discuss practical strategies for healthy self-care for those who minister to the most vulnerable.