September 2021

Happy Festival Weekend to All Y’all! Ever since this batch of priests showed up here at Saints Simon & Jude we have heard of the glories of the Fall Festival. Literally, the first question we asked of the Pastoral Council, the MEC board, the Finance Committee and just parishioners at large was “What’s the most vibrant ministry in the parish?” The answer, without exception, was “The Festival”. And then just roaming around town, and stating I was the new Pastor of

When I was a kid, I remember a family gathering where some of the adults around me were speaking in whispers and seemingly using code words. Of course, that only made me listen more intently. I remember they referred to something- a “green eyed monster”. Wow, a green eyed monster!?! What could be uglier than a green eyed monster? It scared me just thinking that there could be such a creature. I thought I’d better be on the look-out for

Many of us want to be rich and famous. Why is this? There is something very deep in our human nature that strives for winning, succeeding and conquering. We want to be first, and to be the best. We want all this because the world tells us that greatness is measured by how many people serve us and how many people we control. Christ teaches us a different measure and criterion when he says, “If anyone wishes to be first,

Most of the people you see every day feel like something is missing in their lives…like there is something more. Welcome is an incredible experience for anyone at any point in his or her faith journey. Through fellowship, faith sharing, hospitality, music, individual and group activities, Mass, and more, participants have the opportunity to step back from the everyday to reflect on their lives and their spiritual journeys and build meaningful relationships with other men or women in the parish. These

My father was a New York City Firefighter for 33 years. He loved being a fireman, but he also understood that each time he arrived at the firehouse for a tour of duty he might not come home. Fortunately, he was never seriously injured and he always came home. Other firemen were not so blessed. My brother was a New York City Police Officer for more than 20 years. Again, all who serve as police officers recognize that they may

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