March 2021

Happy Easter! Christ is risen! Alleluia! Blessings and peace be with you. May Almighty God continue to bless, guide and grant us good health and strong faith in the risen Lord. As we are joyfully celebrating Easter, let us recall all the blessings that the Lord has bestowed on our families and us. We also remember Jesus' sacrifice and give thanks to Him for bringing salvation to the world. Today, I will share a story which summarizes how much Jesus loves us. One

Today the Church celebrates the entry of Jesus into Jerusalem surrounded by people that acclaim him as one sent by God to save and lead the Jewish people in fulfillment of their scripture. Each of the four Gospels contains an almost identical account of Jesus entering into Jerusalem surrounded by an adoring crowd because they each felt that it was essential to connect Jesus to the promises of salvation which were found in Hebrew Scripture. Often this entry is claimed to

Participant Information Who: Children who will be entering Preschool (3yrs & potty trained) through 5th grade (based on your child’s school enrollment in the fall). You don’t need to be a parishioner to join us! Invite a friend to join you for the VBS fun! When: Our VBS will run Monday, July 19th through Friday, July 23rd from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. What: Registration for VBS ($100 per child) includes a wonderful week of games, Bible stories, crafts, science experiments, snacks, VBS

Do you ever wake up with a song playing in your brain? Sometimes I wake up to pop music history. Sometimes these tunes have accompanied dreams; sweet or not so sweet. Sometimes, it’s just a line or two in a song that just loops over and over and over. I’ve recently awakened to the Buggles, the Cure, ABBA, Patsy Cline, Beyonce, Credence Clearwater Revival, Queen, Glenn Miller, Skeeter Davis, Marshall Crenshaw, the Dead Kennedys, and Eres Tu by Mocedades. My

  Pledges can be made online at or by texting PSA to (714) 622-7877.  See the message below from our pastor regarding this year's PSA. Hey Y’all, Earlier this year, I reached out to the parish with two goals in mind. The first goal was to meet the Diocesan-set goal of $213,000 for the annual Pastoral Services Appeal. Well, thanks to 540 fellow parishioners, we have pledges that not only meet that goal but exceed it! As of now we have $337,000

Happy Laetare Sunday! The fourth Sunday of Lent is sometimes called “Laetare” Sunday. “Laetare” means “Rejoice” in Latin and “Joy” is the theme of today’s liturgy. Traditionally, the liturgical decorations and the priest’s vestment will be changed to a rose or a light-violet color to highlight the fact that Easter is drawing near. We observe our Lenten sacrifices of prayers, fasting and almsgiving, but is also a time for us to rejoice and celebrate even as we do penance. Throughout Lent

The Gospel verse today is John 3:16, “God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, so that everyone who believes in him might have eternal life.”  It is a passage that we have heard often and are reminded of by signs at sporting events stating, “John 3:16.”  It’s all so familiar that most of us simply take the passage for granted: “Of course God loved the world and sent His son…Did you catch the score of the

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