Communities for Cause (CFC)

cfcIf you are looking for the easiest way to help meet your fundraising goal this year, read on! Just download the app for Communities for Cause, check out the hundreds of local restaurants and wide variety of vendors participating, snap a picture of your receipt, and like magic, the school gets paid, and you get the credit!  How easy is that?

As promised at Back-to-School Night, the following hyperlink will take you to the SSJ page on the CFC site. From there you can access on-line shopping at some of your favorite sites. It will not change your shopping experience, but adds a layer so that you can seamlessly make donations to SSJ.

With the app and the on-line shopping you are ready to start earning money for SSJ, and earn credit towards your fundraising goal! Wouldn’t you love to make money for our school, and earn valuable fundraising dollars towards your account, while shopping for your family and friends? Utilizing the CFC website can help you do just that!