traffic safety policies

Our traffic safety policies are very important for the well-being of our school families and parishioners. Please be sure you read, understand and follow the rules that are carefully outlined on pages 56 and 57 in the School Handbook. In an effort to assist you in a review of the rules, copies will be sent home with all of the students today. A diagram of the parking lot that details the approved traffic patterns will also accompany the list of safety rules. We realize that the parking lot can be extremely busy during morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up, and we thank you for making every effort to minimize the safety hazards for everyone here on campus. Unfortunately, we have had some minor mishaps resulting from inattentive driving in and around the parking lot. It is our hope that by following the specific procedures outlined below, respecting the traffic patterns we have in place, and enlisting the assistance of some wonderful parent volunteers, everyone will have a better experience in traffic flow.

  • Please enter the parking lot from Indianapolis. The driveway closest to the field is designated as ENTRANCE ONLY during morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up. Cars on Indianapolis may enter that driveway from BOTH directions. No one should attempt to exit onto Indianapolis using this driveway.
  • The driveway next to the church and the driveway between the parish office and school are designated EXIT ONLY. Please do NOT enter the parking lot using either of these driveways whether or not barricades are in place. When exiting, please do not attempt to make a left turn from either driveway.
  • Do not pick up or drop off a child in front of the church on Magnolia. These students then have to cross traffic in order to enter the school grounds. Cars pulling up in the red zone on Magnolia block the view of exiting cars and create a safety hazard.
  • Please watch your speed in the parking lot!
  • Please do not park or wait for students in front of the church, Colman Hall, the Faith Formation office, or parish office.
  • In the morning, the pull-through spaces are used like a McDonald’s drive-up: pull up, drop off students, pull through and leave. Do not park or leave your car unattended in the pull-through area. There can be no waiting as the person behind you cannot back up and must drive through your space to leave!
  • Parking is not allowed in any of the spaces beyond the pull-through area. This creates a safety hazard for our students and parents who are leaving campus when those drivers attempt to back up and drive away.
  • If it is necessary to get out of your car for any reason, please park behind the newly installed promenade walkway in the designated parking spaces.
  • Parents and students MUST use the promenade walkway when crossing from the parking lot to the school grounds.
  • Please ensure that when you do park your car you are only taking ONE parking spot.
  • And if you think this is frustrating now, wait until the festival rides get here. Let the prayers for patience begin.

These policies involve all parish/school employees, parents, students, and any person responsible for getting your children to or from school (i.e. grandparents, babysitters, carpool divers, older siblings, etc.) We realize that the parking lot can be extremely busy at times, but thank you for making every effort to minimize the safety hazards to everyone in our community. Our ultimate goal is to keep everyone, especially our students, out of harm’s way. Thank you in advance for your gracious and courteous cooperation!