Thank You Mom & Dad

Dear SSJ Moms and Dads

Get your Kleenex ready!  We have some wonderful messages from YOUR children and will be posting them daily as we head toward summer and the end of a fabulous school year!  No matter how young you are, you can always be a thankful person!

  • I like SSJ because of all the nice people. On my first day here this year I had at least 5-7 people immediately come up to me and be friendly. I would like to thank my parents for putting me into this school and for raising me Catholic.”  ~Cory DuBourdieu, Room 6B
  • Dear Mom and Dad,  Thank you for sending me to Sts. Simon and Jude, I really appreciate it. My favorite subjects in school are science, geography, and writing. I have the best teachers and friends.  Love,” ~ Conor Hickey, Room 2B
  • Thank you, Mom and Dad, for sending me to SSJ. I have so many friends and I love it here.  I know it costs a lot but I really appreciate it and like it.  I know that I am a good follower of Jesus.  I like to play school sports like volleyball and basketball.  You both are awesome for letting me come here for so long.  I love my teacher so much and the kids here are amazing.”  ~Kevin Sullivan, Room 5B
  • Thank you so much Mom and Dad for sacrificing so generously to send me to such a beautiful school. I am so thankful to have such kind, loving, generous parents who look out for me and make the right decisions for me. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to grow closer with God. That has been one of the greatest gifts in my whole entire life! I really appreciate all you do for me!! I love you with all my heart!  Love,” ~ Norah Mawad, Room 7B
  • Dear Mom and Dad,  Thank you for sending me to Sts. Simon and Jude. I love it here. I learn new things and I make new friends. I also love my teachers.  Love,” ~ Victoria Bogart, Room 2B
  • Dear Mom and Dad, Thank you for sending me to this wonderful school.  I love being with all my friends and playing sports here, but my favorite part of the school is being able to feel God’s love.”  ~ Trevor Escalante, Room 5A
  • Thank you so much Mom and Dad. Growing up at SSJ has taught me so many important lessons I would never have learned anywhere else.”  ~ Julia Shively, 8A
  • I love SSJ because I’m learning a lot and I love being on the SSJ Cheer Team.  I appreciate that my mom and dad pay for me to go to this school.  Thanks Mom and Dad!” ~ Mia Hughes Barragan, Room 3B
  • Mom and Dad, Thank you for sending me to SSJ.  It is a great gift to be able to go to a school with wonderful teachers, friends, faculty and academic classes.  One of my favorite parts about going to SSJ is we learn about how to grow in our community and grow closer to God.  That is what makes SSJ so special.”  ~ Alyssa Bjork, Room 5A
  • I like SSJ because you do PE. Thanks mom & dad for sending me here.”  ~ Kevin McGowan, Kindergarten
  • Thank you mom and dad for sending me to a school where can make new friends.  Thank you mom and dad for sending me to SSJ because without you guys, I would become a fool.  Without you I would learn my abc’s until I was 80!  Thanks mom and dad for letting me go to SSJ because I would not know rocks, and I need to know that for my rock collection.  P.S. My rock collection is awesome.”  ~ Andrew Bjork, Room 3A
  • I love SSJ because of the fun activities, recess, and the learning.  Thanks for sending me here, Mom!”  ~ John Cardullo, Room 3B
  • At SSJ I love the friendly learning environment, religion and the extremely nice people. SSJ has been to me at least a tiny bubble in which everyone shares and learns. Because here I have God in my live and that gives me a better spiritual connection with everyone I meet. That was probably the reason my parents sent me here. Thanks Mom and Dad!”  ~Theo Chambers, Room 6B
  • Thanks for letting me go to this school because our SSJ Families are amazing.”  ~Mary Moniak, Room 2A
  • I realy love it hear because it helps me learn and thats why I’m so much better at reading and righting and all of that stuff.  Deap in my heart I love this school. If I didn’t go to this school I wouldin’t have the freinds I have now and I love my freinds just the way they are. Thank you for letting me go to this school because I never want to leave.”  ~Hope Hombrecher, Room 1B
  • Dear Mom and Dad: I love this school.  I’m learning new things every day and I’m learning math and a hole lot of other things. I also love how you can play sports like tetherball.”  ~Ian Joyce, Room 1A
  • Thank you for sining me up for SSJ. It is my favorite school because the teachers are nice and dolphens are my second favorite sea animal. I love SSJ with all my hart and all my body inside and outside of it. SSJ healps me to get really smart.  Also, I love the uniforms because they are really comphy.”  ~Lily McClellan, Room 1B
  • If there is anyone to thank, it would be my parents. The amount of gratitude that I want to present them is enormous. They have spent their time and energy into sending me to this wonderful school, filled with teachers who care and want me to learn. All the religious activities have also helped me have a better grasp on understanding God’s work. Thank you Mom and Dad for sending me to a well-rounded school.” ~ Love, Ian Augsburger, Room7B
  • SSJ has made me a better student academically and spiritually. It has helped form the person I am today. Without my parents funding I would not be exposed to a safe environment. Without SSJ I couldn’t be who I am today.”  ~Johnny Kwok, Room 8B
  • Thank you for sending me to SSJ. I really like being here because I get to learn about God and Jesus. Thank you for paying every month, so I could go to SSJ.”   ~Matteo Medlin, Room 1B
  • I love SSJ because this school has helped me become much closer to God and grow in my faith. I would like to thank my parents, my mom especially, for making so many tremendous sacrifices to send me to this faith-filled school.”  ~Alexis Rangell, Room 8B
  • I’m thankful to go to SSJ because it’s a better community here.”  ~Katherine Henze, Room 2A
  • I love it here at SSJ because I learn a lot here.  I love being religious and being able to say God’s holy name.  Religion is my favorite subject, of course, other than writing.  I LOVE it here with all my gracious friends, sisters and teachers.”  ~ Lauren Price, Room 3B
  • We feel so lucky to go to SSJ because we have special classes here like Art, Computer and Spanish. Lots of other schools don’t have those.”  ~Luca Petruolo and Julia Smith, Room 2A
  • I like computers and hot lunch. I think I love playtime too. I think there is one more too…you.” (meaning Mrs. Tucker :D)  ~ Phillip Johnston, Kindergarten
  • Thank you Mom and Dad for all your efforts and sacrifices for sending me to an amazing school. I know it isn’t easy affording SSJ, but you work hard to give me the best education possible. I am looking forward for my eighth grade year next year at SSJ. I know that all the teachers there will provide me well for high school.
    If my parents did not send me to SSJ back in first grade, I would be a different person. Not only did SSJ help me academically, but they helped me become a moral person. They teach me right from wrong. I thank SSJ, and again, my parents. If it weren’t for them, I would not have had the amazing opportunity to attend STs. Simon & Jude. Thank you so much for all your sacrifices in keeping me in an academically strong school
    .”  ~ Love, Haylee Medina 7B
  • Thank you so much for sending me to SSJ.  I’m so glad to be here, it is the best school ever!  I’m happy that we get to pray at school, go to mass, and have such a great education.  My years at this school have been so wonderful and all my friends are the greatest!  I love this school because of the awesome teachers and great education.  I know you work so hard to let us go here.  You have made my life so important.  I love you!”  ~ Claire Amelotte 5A
  • Thank you for sending me to SSJ.  I love it here and it is becoming like a second home to me.  I have lots of friends and the teachers are awesome!  I am learning so much and I can feel my relationship with God growing stronger and stronger every day.”  ~ Anthony Carieri 5B
  • “I love SSJ because I like to learn and I like to do the work they give me. I want to thank my family, Papa, & daddy for sending me here.” ~ Abigail Lowenberg, Kindergarten
  • “SSJ is the best because of the great academics and principal.  I am so glad that my parents send me to SSJ because I love being Catholic.” ~ Sam Truxaw 4B
  • “Dear Mom and Dad, Thank you so much for sending me to Sts. Simon & Jude. I love this school, it is so much fun! My teachers and friends are the best ever.  I know that is costs a lot of money to send me here but I will excel in being a good student and an Active faith-filled Catholic because of my being part of SSJ.  Also I know I will grow closer to God and be a responsible and good citizen.  Thank you so much Mom and Dad.” ~ Claire Toohey 5B
  • “I love SSJ because they have taught me to grow in my relationship with God and academically. SSJ has led me on the path to success. I’m thankful for my family sending me here.” ~ Alexandra Trementozzi, Room 8B
  • I like SSJ because it teaches me new things.” ~ Cale B., Kindergarten
  • I love SSJ because we care for God.” ~Delaney I., Kindergarten
  • Mom and Dad, I know SSJ costs a lot of money and I am thankful you both work so hard so I can go here.  My bond with God has gotten stronger.  As I move into middle school, I feel I will learn so much more.  I am growing academically, faithfully, physically, and personally.  I love playing sports with SSJ.  The teachers I’ve had so far are very nice, and I can only imagine the rest are nice, too!  It is such a blessing to be able to go to SSJ!” ~ Elise Webber 5A
  • Thank you for sending me to this school. I have learned a lot of math, science and religion. I love you with all my heart!~ Love, Chloe Lam, Room 2B
  • “Thank you Mom and Dad for the privilege to attend Saints Simon and Jude School and expand my knowledge.  Throughout my school years I have learned so much, from learning to read, to trigonometry. SSJ has inspired me to set many goals in life and be able to achieve them by challenging us in subjects we have difficulty in. When we are unable to solve problems, the teachers help us. Thank you so much for showing how much you care about me by sending me here.~ Love, Connor Schwarz 7B
  • Dear Mom and Dad, You’re the best parents in the whole wide world! You are so very thoughtful for sending me to this awesome school. You are so generous and I thank you so much!
    ~ Love, Daniel Huong, Room 2B
  • Mom and Dad, I could never tell you how much I appreciate all you have done for me. You have chosen SSJ for me because you have always wanted the best for me. You have provided me with knowledge both spiritually and academically. I will never be able to tell you how much I am grateful for everything you have done and I will always be indebted.”
    ~ Love, Justin Nguyen, Roon 7B
  • I would like to thank my parents for sending me to SSJ because of the safe environment it provides me with. I am very sheltered from bad things and am glad my childhood is in a way, extended.”
    ~ Rose Murphy, Room 8B
  • Here are some messages from our very littlest students – the TYKErs!  “I love SSJ because…
    I love working.”   ~ Zack Green, TYKE
    “We go to Church.” ~ Audrey Medlin, TYKE
    Because the teachers are nice.”  ~ Kennedy Mc Crosky, TYKE
    I like my teachers and I learn.” ~ Georgia Hutchinson, TYKE
  • “I love SSJ! I love SSJ because we have school families and I get to meet new people.  The teachers are really nice teachers.  Thank you for sending me here, mom and dad.  It was the nicest thing you have ever done for me!”
    ~ Gina Cisternelli, Room 3B
  • I love SSJ because it gave me the friends that I will cherish my entire life. I would like to thank my parents for sending me here because without SSJ I wouldn’t be the person I am today, so thank you very much.
    ~Victoria Nguyen, Room 8B
  • Dear Mom and Dad,
    I’ve loved these past years with SSJ. I’ve been doing so many fun things! I hope this school lasts forever.
    Love, Tara Spas, Room 2B
  • Thank you so much Mom and Dad for your thoughtfulness to send me to SSJ. I truly have learned so very much about not only the vital knowledge, but about my faith, and what kind of person I am and desire to be in my future. SSJ takes learning to a whole new standard with the higher classes, extracurricular activities, and the beyond amazing teachers that have proven to be incredible wise. My faith has been strengthened and directed in a positive path to grow closer to God each and every day. And finally, throughout my years at SSJ I have discovered my inner beauty and what I can do to make this world a better place with the help of my close friends I have me along my journeyed and the guidance from my sincere teachers.”
    Love, Malia Walencewicz, 7B
  • I like SSJ because we praise God. I like that we have music and P.E. and many more things. Thank you, Mom and Dad, for making this the best year ever. I also love all our teachers and of corse, the prinsabull.”
    ~Dylan Whitmer, Room 1A
    (PS – unedited – we “HEART” the creative spelling of our first graders, don’t you?!?)