THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH to all of the families who contributed personal messages of appreciation, leftover Halloween candy and simple hygiene supplies to Operation Gratitude! The SSJ School community donated a total of 227 pounds of candy to be sent to our military men and women! More than 200,000 care packages will be sent to those who are overseas, and to new recruits, veterans, first responders, wounded heroes and their care givers. The following is a message that was received from a Navy Sailor:

“Every box, every piece of paper, every cloth, every book, every pen, every pencil, every notebook, every brush, every tube of toothpaste, every shower gel, every puzzle, every magazine, every letter, every piece of candy…means a lot to us when we are away from home. It gives us hope, confidence, happiness, strength and pride that somebody thinks about us, that someone is there for us.
Thank you all! God bless America!”

Thank you again for your thoughtfulness and wonderful patriotic spirit! The recipients of your generosity will remember your kindness forever!