GEM Winners, March – “DISCERNMENT”

This month’s Christian quality is DISCERNMENT, which means knowing the difference between right and wrong, and also knowing the very subtle difference between right and “almost right.” It also means to be able to distinguish the difference between fact and opinion.

  • TYKE: Lila Evans
  • KDGN-TUCKER: Lexie Negro
  • KDGN-BONNY: Elle Medlin
  • ROOM 1A: Keira Chan
  • ROOM 1B: Kaila Kasper
  • ROOM 2A: Nhi Nguyen
  • ROOM 2B: Maxwell Menke
  • ROOM 3A: Eliana Ferrari
  • ROOM 3B: Nathan Lopez
  • ROOM 4A: Andrew Hoffman
  • ROOM 4B: Savannah Minton
  • ROOM 5A: Ava Boyd
  • ROOM 5B: Timmothy McKeever
  • ROOM 6A: Andrew Tran
  • ROOM 6B: Daniel Hong
  • ROOM 7A: Nicolas Vu
  • ROOM 7B: Nathan Brooker
  • ROOM 8A: Brian Lawhead
  • ROOM 8B: Nolan Turk

MRS. TAMARA COPELAND, SSJ 6TH grade teacher, guest speaker for GEM Christian quality of DISCERNMENT