February GEM Awards – Cheerful

We assembled in Colman Hall to recognize the GEM students who had
been chosen by their peers as the classmates who are the most “CHEERFUL.” When it
comes to being happy and always having that smile on your face, these are the students
who consistently “Go that Extra Mile.” It seems that no matter the circumstance, they are
the ones who are almost always delightfully cheerful. And that’s a good thing!

All of us experience moments of sadness or hurt, after all, we are just human beings and
no one has a perfect life. Things happen every day in our lives that will contribute to a lot
of different emotions. But people who tend to be perpetually cheerful have a way of
bringing joy to everyone they encounter, or into every situation. They probably wake up
with a smile on their face, go out of their way to share their happiness, and always look
for something “good or positive” in every situation. They usually believe that, no matter
what, everything will work out in the end. They can typically turn any problem into an
opportunity to learn something new, and they tend to surround themselves with happy

Happiness is not about how much stuff you have, or all the things you get to do. In
reality, no one can be happy all the time. Our situations may not be ideal right now, but
we can still choose to be happy and take time to count our blessings. Cheerful people
are thankful for whatever they have, and being grateful is important for happiness. It’s
about how you react to whatever happens. Cheerful people tend to have a “faith”
foundation; they have a strong belief in God. We can learn a lot from the following
students, simply by seeing them smile!

  • TYKE – Kaylee Van de Zilver
  • Grade KB – Darian Lodge
  • Grade KT – Lucy Johnston
  • Grade 1A – Connor McCarthy
  • Grade 1B – Annie Tran
  • Grade 2A – Ian Giuseffi
  • Grade 2B – Lea Pearson
  • Grade 3A – Audrey Medlin
  • Grade 3B – Heidi Mohler
  • Grade 4A – Abigail Lowenberg
  • Grade 4B – Lily Turk
  • Grade 5A – Anna Rourke
  • Grade 5B – Gianna Mascoli
  • Grade 6A – Liam Stone
  • Grade 6B – Jonathan Curti
  • Grade 7A – Alexis Rhey
  • Grade 7B – Ethan Le
  • Grade 8A – Breanna Cao
  • Grade 8B – Kaitlin Chan

Mrs. Cherie Tucker was our guest speaker, and she did a beautiful job of sharing with
us her daughter’s experiences at SSJ many years ago, and how much a small bit of
cheerfulness can mean the world to someone else. It’s time we realized how much we
can learn from the students we honored. They truly are an inspiration to all of us. This is
why we love happy people, and the world would probably stop turning without them. So,
hug/high five your cheerful friends today, and let them lead us all on the path of
happiness toward a better life.