Disaster Evacuation Plan

The faculty, staff and students participate in fire and earthquake drills on a regular basis.  Our school safety procedures and policies are examined and modified annually to meet current diocesan and city standards, and state education codes. Our safety records are routinely submitted to the city of Huntington Beach and are deemed compliant with all safety requirements. The entire school and parish staffs participate in the annual citywide disaster drill. Our school maintains a storage unit that contains all necessary disaster survival supplies.

In the event of an emergency situation, parents can be alerted via an instant phone notification system. This is a multi-modal communication system that allows us to reach our parents immediately at their homes, cell phones and places of employment. The system has the capability to send notifications to each family at six phone numbers, two e-mail addresses and one text message address. Calls are placed simultaneously to all available contact points that have been provided to the school.

When notified by emergency services authorities that there is a threat of a flood or tsunami, the principal and faculty shall facilitate the movement of students inland and upwards as quickly as possible. The Huntington Beach Police Department has determined this location to be Joseph R. Perry School in Huntington Beach.

Additionally, a schoolwide lockdown and evacuation procedure has been created with the assistance of the Huntington Beach Police Department and the Safe Schools Coalition, and practiced on a regular basis. Office and supervisory personnel utilize two-way radios at all times to maintain constant communication with our external and internal environments. All personnel and staff members are certified in CPR and first aid, and a full-time registered nurse is on staff at all times.