November’s Christian Quality: FAITHFUL

“He gives power to the faint, and to him who has no might He increases strength.” —Isaiah 40:29

This month’s Christian quality is FAITHFUL, which means relying on God and having a daily relationship with Him in prayer and thankfulness. Please talk with your children about what it means to be FAITHFUL.

You can be FAITHFUL by:

  • Starting your day every day with a morning prayer
  • Participating actively in the Mass
  • Participating actively in school prayer assemblies
  • Trusting God’s plan is the best plan, especially when you don’t get “your way”
  • Reading scripture, and asking God to help you understand and apply it to your life
  • Viewing and reading movies and books that are moral and appropriate for your age
  • Remembering to ask God for help when times are difficult
  • Remembering to thank God for your blessings every day

GEM Winners – November 2017





  • TYKE: Francisco Montero
  • KDGN-TUCKER: Jordyn Giuseffi
  • KDGN-BONNY: Dylan Thakkar
  • ROOM 1A: Catherine Secousse
  • ROOM 1B: Owen Ellison
  • ROOM 2A: Claire Secousse
  • ROOM 2B: Gianna Velastegui
  • ROOM 3A: David Moline
  • ROOM 3B: Emily Brooker
  • ROOM 4A: Josephine Love
  • ROOM 4B: Nora Gerken
  • ROOM 5A: Elyse Strachan
  • ROOM 5B: Lily McClellan
  • ROOM 6A: Julia Smith
  • ROOM 6B: Diana Dinh
  • ROOM 7A: Tyler Amelotte
  • ROOM 7B: Katherine Mary Rumsey
  • ROOM 8A: Anna DiCrisi
  • ROOM 8B: Emily Smith

LESLIE GERKEN, SSJ TYKE classroom teacher, guest speaker for GEM Christian quality of FAITHFUL