May’s Christian Quality: MANNERS

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” —Philippians 4:13


This month’s Christian quality is MANNERS, which means to be polite in our words and actions. Manners are not just for the dinner table, but are real life guidelines as to how we treat others all day long.

You can show manners by:

  • Waiting your turn during recess, playing a game, at the drinking fountain or using a toy or equipment
  • Raising your hand, waiting to be called upon and not shouting out in class
  • Opening doors, letting others (especially visitors and adults on campus) go first in the hallways
  • Giving elderly or frail people your time and assistance
  • No slang! Use manners when speaking
  • Pay Attention! Be a good listener and don’t interrupt others
  • Being quiet when appropriate, keeping your music or videos on a quiet level so as not to disturb others

GEM Winners, May 2017 – “Manners”

  • TYKE – Kyla Wright
  • Kgn. Bonny – Shane Gill
  • Kgn. Tucker – Genevieve Rogers
  • Grade 1A – Ryan Burke
  • Grade 1B – Gianna Velastegui
  • Grade 2A – Michael Smith
  • Grade 2B – Thi Nguyen
  • Grade 3A – Amanda Tyssee
  • Grade 3B – Nora Gerken
  • Grade 4A – Elyse Strachan
  • Grade 4B – Matteo Medlin
  • Grade 5A – Angelyn Do
  • Grade 5B – Sofia Greenberg
  • Grade 6A – Jonathan Thornton
  • Grade 6B – Audrey Mohler
  • Grade 7A – Emily Smith
  • Grade 7B – Nicole Dinh
  • Grade 8A – Kevin Rood
  • Grade 8B – Alyssa Bjork

Brock Wills, SSJ Class of 2015, guest speaker for GEM Christian quality of Manners.