January’s Christian Quality: RESPECTFUL

“Be devoted to one another in love. Honor one another above yourselves.” — Romans 12:10

This month’s Christian quality is RESPECTFUL, which means to have reverence, honor, esteem and high regard for others.

We can show we are respectful by waiting to speak until it is our turn, or until we are called on in class. We can open doors for others, not rush to be first in line, or try to let someone else take a turn before we do. We can still love others and be kind, even if we don’t agree on everything.

We can show being respectful by:

  • Listening to the opinions of others even if you don’t agree
  • Appreciating the differences in others
  • Speaking in a positive manner
  • Refraining from forming opinions about people based on looks or clothing
  • Standing up for students that are being picked on

Congratulations to the following students who were voted by their classmates, teachers and peers to receive The Catholic GEM “Going the Extra Mile” Award for RESPECTFUL in January 2017!

  • TYKE: Emily Iachelli
  • KDGN-TUCKER: James Moretti
  • KDGN-BONNY: Whitney Johnson
  • ROOM 1A: Liliana Garcia
  • ROOM 1B: Audrina Williams
  • ROOM 2A: Olivia Marquez
  • ROOM 2B: Eliana Ferrari
  • ROOM 3A: Lily Turk
  • ROOM 3B: Stella Panter
  • ROOM 4A: Abigaile Kerr
  • ROOM 4B: Corden Secousse
  • ROOM 5A: Jeremy Page
  • ROOM 5B: Demyan Dao
  • ROOM 6A: Mylinda Nguyen
  • ROOM 6B: Megan Lee
  • ROOM 7A: Haley Weaver
  • ROOM 7B: Carli Farney
  • ROOM 8B: Christoph Mahler
  • ROOM 8A: Alyssa Johnson

Lauren Castelblanco – SSJ Class of 2013, Guest Speaker for GEM Christian Quality of RESPECTFUL.