April’s Christian Quality: WISDOM

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths.” — Proverbs 3:5-6

This month’s Christian quality is WISDOM, which means having experience, knowledge, and good judgment; applying the quality of being wise. We grow in wisdom by studying, listening, remembering past experiences and applying our good judgment in our future experiences. We also grow in wisdom by studying the Holy Scriptures.

Please talk with your children about what it means to acquire wisdom.  You can show WISDOM by

  • Attending Holy Mass
  • Listening to the homily and the scripture readings during mass
  • Studying the scriptures, and applying what we learn to making decisions
  • Using the simple test of “What would Jesus do?” choosing our actions
  • Remembering experiences that were once difficult, and applying what we learn for the future
  • Listening MORE than speaking – God gave us TWO ears and only ONE mouth!
  • Asking questions and seeking council from wise people we know and respect

Congratulations to our Catholic “GEMs” – Going the Extra Mile! This moth’s Christian Character Quality is Wisdom. We are so proud of all our students and want to congratulate these particular award winners who were voted by their peers and teachers for their exceptional behavior and example of the quality of WISDOM.

GEM Winners – April 2018, “WISDOM”

  • TYKE: Isabella Burgess
  • KDGN-TUCKER: Bradley Moore
  • KDGN-BONNY: Jocelyn Lam
  • ROOM 1A: Emry Ward
  • ROOM 1B: James Moretti
  • ROOM 2A: Cameron Hill
  • ROOM 2B: Ciara Hickey
  • ROOM 3A: Veronica Lodge
  • ROOM 3B: Brooks Ellison
  • ROOM 4A: Malia McNamara
  • ROOM 4B: Amanda Tyssee
  • ROOM 5A: Corden Secousse
  • ROOM 5B: Cianna Gagliardino
  • ROOM 6A: Michael Moretti
  • ROOM 6B: Bennett Schneer
  • ROOM 7A: Mallory Mottles
  • ROOM 7B: Marin Hemphill
  • ROOM 8A: Kelley Rood
  • ROOM 8B: Carli Farney