Who Needs a Party? NOT Tyler!

This past February, in lieu of an 8th birthday party this year, Tyler Legere and two of his friends, Jude Vienna and Brian Lawhead, held a fundraising lemonade stand. Tyler chose two organizations to donate the money to because he just couldn’t decide on one. The money was donated to the McKenna Claire Foundation and the OC Humane Society. It was a wonderful way to celebrate because Tyler learned the joy of giving and doing something for others. He was so blessed with the friends and family coming by to support the lemonade stand and give him birthday hugs and well wishes!

His homemade sign reads “Homemade Lemonade. We need to stop brain canser and to keep the pets healthy at the petshelter. I’m using the money to doughnate and it’s my b-day I’m not going to buy anything even thoe it’s my b-day”

We could not have said it any better ourselves!