Philip Awadallah—Extending a Warm Welcome to Others!

When Philip heard his name being read as the owner of the “winning ticket,” he was thrilled! The smile on his face was adorable, and he couldn’t stop beaming as he was handed the special prize. This first grade student understood that he had won, and he was quite aware of the conditions of keeping the prize: he had to promise to share half of the money with someone else. His delight was contagious as he swore he would keep that promise.

That night, Philip went home and talked it over with his family. It was decided that 50% of his prize money would be donated to immigrant families who need help making a home in America. This is what Philip said:

“I donated half of the money to the newcomers and kids who came here from Egypt. They don’t have money for food, a house, a car, and toys to play with. Some of them even borrow money to come to the U.S.A. I just want to help them.”

We are very proud of Philip, and commend him for his marvelous efforts to “pay it forward.” We are sure that his selfless gift helped to put a smile on someone’s face.