Kelley Rood—Happy to Help!

For 2nd grader Kelley Rood, having the chance to help others brought a smile to her face and happiness to her heart. Kelley knew right away what she would do with her winnings…and that decision did not include keeping any of it for herself! Here is what Kelley shared with us in her own words.

“I decided to give away all of my money. I am giving 50% of my money to the Holy Cross Center for women and children in Fresno. The center gives a home, food and clothes to moms and kids who do not have these things. Before I came to SSJ, I went to St. Anthony’s School in Fresno and my class raised money for the center. It is a very special place.

I am giving the other 50% of my money to Mrs. Markwith. She will be able to use the money to buy shoes and backpacks for kids in Guatemala who do not have them. These things will help the kids get to school easier.”

Lori Rood, Kelley’s mom, reported that Kelley was quite excited to be able to help others. We commend Kelley for her giving spirit, and for exemplifying for all of us this special quote by Aesop—No act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted. Thank you, Kelley, for being so very compassionate and kind!