Jason Curti – Marine Mammal Fan!

Jason Curti is known around campus as such a “great kid” and we couldn’t be happier with his winning the June “Catch ‘Em Being Good” drawing at SSJ! With being a “beach school” just a mile away from the Pacific Ocean, this is a perfect way to start off the summer with our recipient’s choice for his donation!

Jason has decided to pay it forward to the Elephant Seal Fund.  He visited a center to see these wonderful, funny animals and was moved to help in their care and rehabilitation.

They ARE great animals, Jason! In case you would like to see some funny and interesting facts about elephant seals, visit: www.interestingfunfacts.com/funfacts-about-elephant-seal.html

Thank you, Jason, for representing SSJ so well and choosing to help our marine mammals just off our coast only a mile from our school!