Cole Carlos—Helping Kids to Smile!

When we hold the month-end drawings as part of our “Catch ‘Em Being Good” program, there are always lots of smiles and excitement before the winning name is selected. Sometimes students run up with huge smiles, big eyes and great enthusiasm, and sometimes they seem a bit shy and almost hesitant to come forward. Cole’s reaction to hearing his name called definitely fits the latter description. The following is what Cole shared with us regarding his efforts to “pay it forward.”

When I received the money from the “Catch ’Em Being Good” drawing, I thought about what to do with it for quite awhile. I finally decided to give it to sick kids that I would be able to help. I donated toys to the playroom at Fountain Valley Hospital. When I went with my mom to drop the toys off, I was able to spend time in the room and see that the kids really needed some new things to play with. Toys are handed out to the kids after they get shots or have certain procedures. The doctors know that this helps them to feel better. I was so happy I could help!

Cole’s mom shared these words with us:

Thank you for giving Cole the opportunity to spread some cheer to the sick children at Fountain Valley Hospital. He thoroughly enjoyed doing this good deed and learned a great deal from it. What a wonderful opportunity to teach kids to give to those that are not as fortunate as themselves.

We are also happy that Cole was able to help spread a little cheer and sunshine to others. “No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” (Aesop). Thank you, Cole, for being so kind!