Our second round of STAR standardized testing for all students in grades K through 8 begins TODAY, January 11, and will continue throughout the week. As explained at Back-to-School Night, schools in the Diocese of Orange are no longer utilizing ITBS, which was only administered once each fall. Instead, all schools will be administering Renaissance Learning’s STAR Reading, STAR Math, and STAR Early Literacy three times each year to document the academic growth of our students. One definite advantage to utilizing the STAR assessments is having instant access to test results. This information will enable our teachers to immediately target instruction, provide our students with the most appropriate instructional materials, and intervene with effective support for struggling students. We will now be able to better monitor student progress as opposed to having a report that just summarizes academic growth from one year to the next. We kindly ask that all students arrive at school on time each morning, and that student absences be minimized so that everyone is present for the assessments. Thank you!