December 13 – Last day to order scrip before Christmas

During the Christmas season are you planning on having visitors? Did you know you can earn fundraising credit by having them stay at local hotels? Have them stay at a Best Western for 12% credit, or Hyatt Hotels for 10%. Offer to pay for gas with a gas card and earn yourself 1 – 2%. How about taking your family out to breakfast and earn 8% at IHOP, 7% at Denny’s or 8% at Mimi’s Café?  Will you be entertaining your guests? Take them out to a movie and with scrip, you can earn anywhere from 4% to 10% on any theatre in town. It just takes a little advance planning and a zipper pouch to hold your gift cards. Order on Tuesday morning by 9:30 a.m. and your order will be delivered on Thursday. For a wider selection of gift cards, log on to and order from there. Our school id # is 79B822AB6485. The last day to order scrip before the Christmas vacation will be Tuesday, December 13th.