School Supply List

school supply listOnce again, our wonderful PFA has contracted with School Tool Box, a company that specializes in packaging, selling and shipping school supplies for the convenience of parents who would rather not engage in the hunt for paper, pencils, calculators and notebooks. The ultimate purpose of this program is to provide a convenient, quality service to our SSJ parents and students. (As always, purchasing school supplies this way is completely optional. Just like our hot lunch program, SSJ School does not profit in any way from your participation.) The school supplies will be custom packaged according to the requirements of our SSJ teachers for each grade level. Please note that all orders will be shipped directly to your home for free.

To place your order you will simply log on to and follow the directions that will link you to our school. Choose your appropriate grade level and place your order for purchasing the kit. The bonus to this  convenient program is that you have the option of deleting items in the supply kit that you may already have, plus have the ability to shop for many more items you may need for home or the classroom! It doesn’t get any easier than that.

Click here to view the 2017-2018 supply list for each grade.  Click here for ordering instructions and pricing.